White Bread Vs Wheat Bread – Which Is Better?

Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian or follow a paleo diet, you still eat bread. Bread is unavoidable, and so are tasty pastries, baked goods, cereal, pasta and pizza. We all love these foods and enjoy them on a daily basis. If you’re pondering the ultimate: white bread vs wheat bread, you’re in the right place. To find out whether or not a product is healthy, you’ll have to go through its contents. Most packaged goods contain refined sugars and white flour, which are the two ingredients that will cause you a lot of health issues on the long run.

White Bread Vs Wheat Bread

White Bread Vs Wheat Bread – Which Is Better?

There’s no dilemma when it comes to white bread vs wheat bread. Wheat flour is healthier, more nutritious and a lot more satisfying. White flour is processed flour. Manufacturers take wheat grains and crush them to let the husk out, or the bran and the germ. All it’s left is the middle, or endosperm. In the process, most of the wheat’s vitamins, fiber and proteins are lost, which is why the manufacturers have to use bleaching agents to restore its nutritional state. Let’s set white flour vs wheat flour and see which is healthier:


Whole wheat flours contain folate, riboflavin and vitamins B1, B3 and B5. Half a cup of whole wheat flour contains 3 milligrams of niacin, while the same amount of white flour contains only 0.8. During the manufacturing process, most of the vitamins in wheat are lost. And though some brands make extra efforts to fortify it, most of the white flour available on the market is pretty bland and doesn’t satisfy our nutritional needs.


Fiber is important in our diet. Without the recommended daily dose, we end up constipated, overweight and suffer from high cholesterol. If you compare white flour vs wheat flour, you’ll wind up tossing your white flour products in the trash. Half a cup of white flour has only 1.3 grams of fiber, while the same amount of whole wheat has over 6 grams of fiber. The recommended daily dose of fiber in a 2000 calorie diet is 28 grams, which can’t be reached with white flour, unless you eat fruits and veggies all day long.

GI – Glycemic Index

The glycemic index of foods is determined according to how fast or slow their carbohydrates transform into simple sugars, or glucose. Everything we eat contains carbohydrates. They are the source of energy for our cells, but they’re not so great, at least not all the time. Foods scoring high on the GI, like white flour, are very easily processed in our bodies. They transform quickly into simple sugars, and these sugars are then transferred throughout our bodies through the blood. The sugars our bodies can’t use as energy are stored as fat deposits, which can interfere with the work of our heart and blood sugar. White wheat flour scores 71 on the GI, while whole wheat flour is around 50. That means our body takes time to process whole wheats, supplying our organs and muscles with fuel over longer periods of time, leaving us feeling full and energized long after a meal.

How to Avoid White Flour

Regardless of the immense wheat flour benefits, we can avoid white flour. Some delicacies require white flour and using whole wheat instead of white flour will only ruin the recipe.

But there are some tips when it comes to choosing the right product or changing a recipe to make it healthier. Puff pastries, for example, absolutely must contain white flour. Its texture and lightness is what makes the pastry puff and bloat into the desired form and quality. But when it comes to bread, cookies and baked goods, you can always choose whole wheat over white flour.

If you bake your own dishes and want to use whole wheat, you should know they will turn out heavier and denser. To make up for that fact, mix baking soda into your whole wheat flour. One tablespoon for every cup will be enough, for the recipe to turn out lighter and puffier.


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