Top 5 Water Benefits For Excellent Health

Plenty of fluids is the top advice for almost any health issue that’s bothering you. You will hear the same advice from your doctor, trainer, teacher and mother. That’s because drinking water has many benefits, on the skin, hair, nails and internal organs. And though we are well aware by now that the required 9 glasses of water each day is not backed by science, there are still some amazing water benefits to consider.

water benefits

Water Benefits on the Body

Our bodies are made of around 70% water. The body needs water to maintain temperature, to produce saliva, to transport nutrients and execute all kinds of bodily functions, like digestion, absorption and circulation. When the body is low on water, the brain sends thirst signals. That’s when you should drink a cup of water, tea, milk, even coffee. Anything, but alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body. It decreases the production of anti-diuretic hormones and causes frequent urination.

Water Energizes the Cells

When cells can’t maintain a normal fluid balance, they tend to shrink. You need water, especially electrolytes to keep every cell healthy, up and running. When cells shrink as a result of fluid loss, you will experience muscle pain and fatigue. People who work out drink a large amount of water 1 – 2 hours before their training and sip small amounts of water during their training. That’s to replace the loss of water because of excessive sweating.

Water Keeps the Skin Young

Of course, there are some amazing water benefits on the long run, but you will not be able to see your wrinkles and lines disappear. There’s a whole industry behind this modern problem, and the result is hydrating creams. Our skin is the first to experience the brutal blows of modern living, like too much makeup, pollution and excessive sun exposure or sunless tanning. The skin cells are the ones taking the first hit, which in time, give up and become a parched, dry and wrinkled. You can keep moisture in by using facial creams, but beauty again, will come from the inside.

Water Makes Strong Kidneys

Maybe the most important among the benefits of water is improved kidney function. The kidneys need a lot of water to work properly. They expel toxins, make urine, and send the clean blood back to the body full with nutrients we need to maintain our body healthy. When there’s not enough water to go around, the kidneys will still make urine, but in smaller amounts. These small amounts of urine are dangerous. They can become concentrated and allow minerals and salts to bind together into painful kidney stones.

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Water Prevents Constipation

Not enough water can disrupt the work of the digestive system. When the food is digested and transferred to the intestines, it needs to be watery in order to be properly absorbed. If you don’t drink enough water, the digestive system will still pull in enough water to execute the absorption, but this time from the stool itself. This usually results in constipation and stomach aches.

Water Improves Mood and Concentration

Finally, the brain benefits from proper amounts of water too. Studies have shown that even slight dehydration can cause mild confusion and inability to focus. The reason is because when you’re parched, your brain is constantly sending thirst signals, telling you it needs more water to function. You can, of course, ignore those signals and go on with your day, but the results may be inability to concentrate, slow reaction time and even headaches.

How Much Water To Drink

Drinking 10 cups of water a day is hardly anyone’s thing. Water is tasteless and flavorless, not your preferred beverage. But, our body benefits greatly from proper intake of fluids, so make sure you stay hydrated. Have an empty glass waiting for you next to your toothbrush. One glass of water every morning will improve and promote healthy bowel movements, and get your digestive tract ready for new food.

Eat more alive food. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of water, since they are mainly made of water. There’s plenty of water in soups and broths, in oats and cereals.

Keep a bottle of water next to your bed, in your car, on your desk. Chances are greater that you’ll drink more fluids if you can spot them, even with your peripheral vision.

Drink water after your meal. Many people drink their favorite beverage with meal, but this is not actually advised. The gut makes its own juice, which is very acidic and with a good purpose. It needs to melt the food you eat into a paste, so your body can absorb it. drinking water or any beverage with food reduces the acidity of your stomach juice, making it less effective. So wait half an hour, for the food to move from your stomach to the intestines, and then have a glass or two of your favorite drink.

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