Pumpkin Seed Benefits – Pumpkin Seeds Nutrition Facts

In case you were looking for something small and packed with valuable nutrients, pumpkin seeds are it. Even a tablespoon of these seeds can add great value to your diet. They may be just seeds, but they can improve your health significantly. We’ll give you all the pumpkin seeds nutrition facts and pumpkin seed benefits, and a couple of ideas on how to implement them in your dietary plan. Spoiler alert: their smell and flavor is relatively mild, so you can add them to smoothies, grind them with other seeds and mix them in yogurt or milk, or sprinkle them over your morning oatmeal. They are in every store and market, and you may find them under the name: pepita.

Pumpkin Seed Benefits

pumpkin seed benefits

One small package of 100 grams of pumpkin or squash seeds will add 37% of your recommended daily intake of proteins. They are highly caloric, so you need to be careful not to eat the whole package if you’re on a diet. A package of 100 grams contains 446 calories, or 22% of the recommended daily dose for a healthy adult. Like all seeds and nuts, their intake should be limited to a tablespoon per serving.

Strong Heart

Pumpkin seeds have both saturated and monounsaturated fats. The thing that makes them healthy is the fact that they contain a double amount of monounsaturated fats, next to their saturated fats contents. Monounsaturated fats are the good fats, the ones that promote good heart health. In addition, they also contain high amounts of magnesium, another valuable nutrient for a healthy heart and regulated blood pressure levels.

Good Mood and Restful Beauty Sleep

Of all the amino acids that add to the pumpkin seed benefits, the tryptophan amino acid is the one that will improve your mood. This amino acid helps our bodies produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes a good night’s sleep possible. It also helps us regulate our moods and keep the nasty depression symptoms at bay.

Pain Free Joints

Consuming antioxidants is great for many health ailments, and painful joints is one of them. Pumpkin seed oil was given to rats with arthritis in several studies. The results proved that the amounts of antioxidants in these amazing seeds can help people affected by arthritis to deal with symptoms like inflammation.

Fights Cancer

Useful amounts of linoleic acids (omega 6) are found in pumpkin seeds. There are over 8000 mg of linoleic acids in 100 grams of pumpkin seeds, which help the body fight off cancer cells. Studies showed these amino acids can help prevent prostate cancer, as well as breast, stomach, lung and colon cancer. These amino acids are not freely available in our bodies, so we need to get them through our diet.

Bladder and Prostate Health

Our bladder and prostate can experience malfunctions other than cancer. Prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and overactive bladder can become real health issues as we grow older. A study showed that 10 grams of pumpkin seed extract taken as a supplement can improve the work of an overactive bladder. Eating squash and pumpkin seeds improved the lives of many people with prostatic hyperplasia.

Seeds for Your Seeds

The amounts of zinc and magnesium in these seeds make up most of the pumpkin seed benefits. They are recommended as supplements for men with fertility problems and challenges. Zinc deficiency was linked to low sperm count and mobility, as well as low testosterone levels. Magnesium on the other hand may cause problems with pregnancy and the development of the fetus. Many moms to be are recommended magnesium supplements, but a handful of pumpkin seeds can assure you don’t need any pills to increase magnesium levels in the body.


There’s a huge disproportion between the size of these seeds and the pumpkin seed benefits. But like every healthy food, squash seeds can be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. They are full of calories and fats, and even though these are the good fats, too much of them can also cause health problems. Or at least mess with your figure. A handful of seeds will be wise on a daily bases, and you won’t even have to add them to food. You can use them instead of snacks, since they are full of fiber and will soak up the digestive juices that cause your stomach to rumble a night. Add them to bakes goods, in smoothies and oatmeal, in bread and pies, and don’t forget the rest of the squash benefits. You don’t need to buy them separately, since a thorough rinse will clean them of the pumpkin mash. All you need to do next is sprinkle some salt and bake them on a low temperature, just to dry the shell.

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