The Poison That Destroys Our Health We Consume Every Day! Toxic Ingredients in Sodas

Many people think: how toxic can a soft drink be? It’s only a few ounces?! True, a glass of soda is only around 7 ounces, most of it water and sugar. And that’s about all the nutrients you are going to get from a glass of soda. One 7 ounce cola has 22 grams of sugar, which equals to nearly 3 teaspoons of sugar. Other than sugar, let’s see what kind of toxic ingredients in sodas we can expect to consume, and how they deprave our health by the minute.

Toxic Ingredients In Sodas

What’s in Soda? Toxic Ingredients in Sodas

Although sugar is not really at the top of the nutritional value pyramid, let’s consider it as a beneficial nutrient, since it’s about the only one in soft drinks. Roughly, 23% of the adult world admits to consuming soft drinks and packaged juices, at least once a day. These drinks have absolutely no nutritional values, and on top of that, they don’t even submerge your thirst. In fact, the high amounts of sugar will make you even more thirsty as the body absorbs it. They taste great to our taste buds, but what do they know. Here are the top toxic ingredients in sodas:

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is in almost all packaged beverages. It gives the drinks their strong taste and helps prevent the development of bacteria while they sit on the shelves. In small amounts, phosphoric acid is not harmless, but in large amounts, it prevents the absorption of calcium. Low levels of calcium lead to weak bones, tooth decay and crumbling.

Citric acid

Aside from tasty sugar, our taste buds love the tingling feeling citric acid creates. Citric acid is found in many fruits, but you will never eat so much fruit that will derail your health. On the contrary, the citric acid in sodas and juices is highly concentrated and dangerous. One study showed that drinking 2 liters of soda per day for more than 3 years has the same effect on our health as cocaine and methamphetamine.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)

Finally, let’s examine Bisphenol-A (BPA), this chemical is used in plastic bottles, as a hardener. It helps the plastic eliminate bacteria and it prevents rusting. According to studies, it is responsible for many reproductive maladies in men, and females during puberty.

How Toxic Ingredients in Sodas Affect Your Health by the Minute

If you pay attention, you will notice these drinks take you on a roller-coaster of colorful moods and emotions. Let’s see how a simple soda can affect your mood, the way it travels through the system, and the havoc it brings on the way out:

In the first 10 minutes:

As it has a high sugar contents, over 100% of the recommended daily intake, at first you feel a nice sugar rush.

After 20 minutes

The high sugar intake has to be processed in the body, and all the work falls on the liver. There, insulin is squirted like crazy to make this process smooth and normal as possible. You start to sweat, breathe more rapidly and heavily.

After 40 minutes

If there’s caffeine in the soda, it is completely absorbed by the body. More sugar is in the blood and the brain starts to produce dopamine. Adenosine receptors are blocked, and you don’t feel any fatigue as a result. You feel high and happy, and maybe in the mood for another dose of coke, we mean soda.

After 50 minutes

Phosphoric acid starts to interfere. Thanks to this one, your body can’t process and excrete calcium, magnesium and several other minerals through the urine.

After an hour

A switch between a sugar rush and drowsiness happens simultaneously. Your body deals with the last sugars in the blood, giving your frequent spikes in the mood. You definitely need another coke, since the brain remembers the dopamine rush and wants another surge of feel good chemicals.

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And that’s about it. The body will process most of the toxic ingredients in sodas within two hours. The brain will go back to normal excretion of chemicals, which will make you feel kind of empty and sad, because there’s no sugar to boost your dopamine production. Adenosine receptors will report back to the brain that your shoulders and muscles are still stiff, and you’re back to your old self. Surely, after realizing how soft drinks affect your body, you feel less judgmental towards addicts. Since, a simple coca cola can easily turn you into one too.

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